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The world's first fractional IPL.

Fraclight emits a broad band of light through 140 fractionated microcells that allows multiple targets to be treated at once, this improving overall skin quality by stimulating collagen formation.

New, sophisticated and safe.

Fraclight manages to stimulate the fibroblast for the formation of new collagen, covering a large number of treatments with its fractional wavelengths: rosacea, pigmentary lesions, active acne, solar lentig ines, fine wrinkles, telangiectasias, photorejuvenation, among others.

Fraclight is an IPL like no other.

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Always consistent with its Fractional Concept.

Fraclight guarantees a homogeneous energy delivery thanks to its fractional design, the spot is divided into independent micro cells achieving uniform and thermally controlled emissions in real time (RTCTECH).

Multiple wavelenghts.

Fraclight’s fractional wavelengths can effectively treat: pigmentary lesions, photorejuvenation and photoepilation (Alex), with one of the largest spots on the market, restoring patients’ natural skin color.

Real Tome Cooling - RTCTECH

Its technology has sensors that allow the display of temperature in real time, avoiding burns or pigmentary changes.

Rotating Technology - RTLTECH

Fraclight allows easy selection of a desired wavelength range using a rotator mounted on the handpiece, without replacing the filter or handpiece.

SmartMode, smart and intuitive system.

Technology 3Tech is an intelligent and intuitive system that allows you to select the treatment by logging the parameters of the equipment automatically, minimizing human error in just 3 clicks:

Fraclight is our preferred device for photorejuvenation delivering rapid and consistent results without downtime. Patients love their results!


When the light beam with a certain wavelength and intensity interacts with the hair, the applied light energy is absorbed by the melanin, transforming into heat that destroys the hair bulb without affecting the adjacent tissues, this is known as selective photothermolysis.

That’s right, from phototype I to VI.

No way, Fraclight is not only safe but also painless.

All our Tentrek equipment has a 1 year warranty. You can consult with our sales advisors the terms and conditions.

Fraclight can be applied anywhere on the body where it is needed. The most common being face, hands, arms, legs and neck.

Being the first fractional IPL in the world, Fraclight delivers energy evenly and more efficiently than a conventional SPOT. Thus achieving uniform and controlled emissions.

Not at all, depending on the treatment, scabs will appear in the places where the laser was applied, these disappear between 5 to 10 days.

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