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Tentrek Lasers USA

Goodbye to skin spots and tattoos.

Colormax is an ideal Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser for tattoo and pigmented lesion removal, including a variety of effective treatment options and customizable parameters.

It also offers great versatility for your practice with a wide range of clinical options for treating patients.

6 wavelengths for great results.

Corlormax has 6 wavelengths designed to achieve excellent results in pigmented lesions, non-ablative rejuvenation, tattoo removal and melasma.

Combined with the treatment preferred by the world’s Jet Set, Natural Peel, mixing nanoseconds and microseconds in order to do a micropeeling, managing to stimulate deep collagen, rejuvenating the appearance of the skin.

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Sophisticated hand pieces.

Toning hand piece (Red) 1064nm

Colormax Toning is the ideal protocol for closing pores and giving lucidity to the skin, also we complement the treatment of low-fluency dermal melasma and treatment of keloids.

Diamond hand piece (Gold) 595nm

With the Diamond piece, biostimulation is achieved by regulating the vascular components, treating indications such as vascular melasma, rosacea, psoriasis and couperose.

Platinum hand piece (Purple) 660nm

Latest technology with specificity in epidermal lesions without touching the vascular structure. It is ideal to treat: freckles, epidermal pigment, solar lentigines and tattoo removal.

A powerfull technology.

Colormax provides a pulse in 330 microseconds, which reaches the muscular fascia generating a thermal contraction with stimulation of fibroblasts and renewal of collagen and elastin.

In this way we also treat active acne with a high rate of efficiency and safety for patients.

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All the power you need.

Engineered for excellent performance, Colormax features power options and a beam profile to ensure efficient delivery of energy to maximize effect while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue.

The preferred by the world Jet Set… Natural Peel by Colormax is the TOP treatment in non-ablative rejuvenation due to its rapid recovery.

Here nanoseconds and microseconds are combined in order to do a micropeeling, managing to stimulate deep collagen, rejuvenating the appearance of the skin. It has NO side effects, is highly effective and preserves the dermis during treatment.

Results that speak for themselves.


In most sessions, topical anesthesia is not necessary to reduce any discomfort, with the exception of tattoo removal treatment.

Yes, the Colormax wavelengths trap and destroy any type of pigment on the skin.

All our Tentrek equipment has a 1 year warranty. You can consult with our sales advisors the terms and conditions.

Colormax is recommended for use on patients over 18 years of age.

It features 1064nm / 532nm / 660nm / 585nm / 650nm & 595nm.

Colormax is totally safe in all its treatments. A prior consultation with the specialist should be made to establish the procedure that will be done.

No, after each session the patient can continue with their routine activities.

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